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LISTEN UP! Disappointed, But Hopeful Nets Talk After Losing Their 7th Straight

Hear what the Brooklyn Nets had to say in our latest feature of, "LISTEN UP!"

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis (27-11) @ Brooklyn (16-23), Final score: Grizzlies 103, Nets 92.

Joe Johnson: Eight points and three assists on 3-of-12 shooting in 38 minutes.

Brook Lopez: 11 points and four rebounds on 5-of-9 shooting in 27 minutes.

Mason Plumlee: 15 points, nine rebounds, two assists, one block and one steal in 33 minutes on 7-of-9 shooting.

Jarrett Jack: 10 points, six assists and three turnovers in 33 minutes.

Lionel Hollins:

The Brooklyn Nets are losers of seven straight games and stand in the eighth and final spot in the East with a one game advantage over the surging Hornets. They face off against Paul Pierce and the Washington Wizards, Friday AND Saturday night in their first home-and-home on the season.