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Where do the Brooklyn Nets' Twitter followers come from?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter released some interesting data on Wednesday, showing an interactive map of where respective teams have their biggest followings on the social media platform. You can see the "hot spots" for each county across the United States, as well as searching by specific team -- you can also compare two teams like, say, the Nets and the New York Knicks.

I took a look at the data for the Nets and their 522,000 followers, and there's definitely some interesting points in there.

One that really isn't surprising is that the highest number of Twitter followers come from New York at 17.31 percent, then Jersey, at over 12 percent.. However, I did find it surprising that they have more Twitter followers in California (7.85 percent) than any other state. I don't know why I find that surprising, but I do.

Finally, I went through and did the Nets-Knicks comparison, which is interesting, but really doesn't tell much we already don't know. They Knicks have twice as many Twitter followers as the Nets, so of course in most areas of New York the Knicks have a higher follow percentage. However, the Nets franchise is a young one, in Brooklyn at least, so expect growth over time.

Anyway, the map for the Nets is below. Have fun, search around, conclude what you must. And if you'd like to read more about it, check out the Twitter Sports blog.  You can compare the Twitter map with the Facebook map from last year, which did a deeper dive, down to zipcodes, by "likes."  It's here.