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Deron Williams seemingly critical of Nets medical analysis

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams remains out with a fractured rib cartilage, is still in pain, and suggests --strongly-- that the team's medical and training staff were confused as to his injury.

Here's how Brian Lewis of the Post describes his conversation with beat writers yesterday...

He suffered an injury on Jan. 4 in Miami, and despite being listed as probable to play the next day against Dallas, Williams said he barely could breathe and there was never any chance he could have suited up against the Mavericks.

"The next day I wasn’t playing for sure. It was a back-to-back, I wasn’t going to play the Dallas game," Williams said. "I don’t know who they talked to, they didn’t talk to me. I don’t know who does those things. It’s just what they want to say."

The Nets said he was doubtful last Wednesday against Boston with what Brooklyn called a "sore left side," but Williams suited up and played. Perhaps he would have been better sitting out, because he lasted just four minutes before getting hurt and pulling himself out of the game, an injury eventually diagnosed as the fractured rib.

"They say it’s separate. I find it kind of weird that I had two rib injuries on the same side back to back games and I’ve never had a rib injury in my life," said Williams, sounding more than a bit skeptical. "They said they went back over the MRI [exam], the ultrasound they did the first time and they didn’t see anything."

So, D-Will, who the Nets would like to move, remains on the sidelines, apparently for a while.  "I’m as confused as you," Williams said. "You’re not the only one."

Meanwhile, Lionel Hollins seemed to suggest he could use some help at the point, where Jarrett Jack and Darius Morris are splitting time.

"Well, you’ve got to ask [general manager] Billy [King] what he’s up to. But we have talked about the needs of the team,’’ said Hollins. "Yes, point guard is one of them."