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Time for a Mailbag!

Emailing questions to ghoti is your right as a citizen of Planet Earth. Don't waste it.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Here's how it works.

- Send questions to

They can be about the Nets, the NBA, sports, life or whatever.  It doesn't matter.  Email accounts are free.

- I read your question.

- I answer the question in my head.

- If the answer sounds smart, I'll include it in the mailbag.

- If the answer sounds dumb, I'll include it in the mailbag.

- If there is no answer, I'll shake my head in bewilderment and possibly take a nap.

The more responses I get, the more amazing the mailbag will be and the higher the likelihood that I will get the heck out of here and get a better gig be able to write about the awesome Brooklyn Nets forever and ever!

One last thing.  I'd like to use your first name and location unless you indicate otherwise, but also please include your NetsDaily username so we know who you are - unless your question is so disturbing you don't want to be identified.  In that case I guess don't include any of that, weirdo.