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Dwight Howard on his scuffle with Kevin Garnett: "We won the game, that's all that matters"

On Monday night the Brooklyn Nets lost their sixth straight game, falling to the Houston Rockets, 113-99. However, after the game, a major topic of conversation was about the incident that happened just over four minutes into the game when Kevin Garnett was ejected for head-butting Dwight Howard.

After the game, Dwight Howard wasn't much for talking about the incident, saying. "We won the game, that's all the matters."

Rockets head coach Kevin McHale didn't really give it much mind either.

Brooklyn Nets head coach Lionel Hollins explained why he was told that Howard wasn't ejected for "punching" Garnett. Hollins said, "[The referees] said it didn't look like (Dwight) Howard threw a punch. They said it was a half-punch of open-handed. It wasn't much of a punch in their mind." He then went on say that it didn't "matter" if he agreed with their assessment at all.

As our Dexter Henry notes, however, it wasn't necessarily about the incident that made the Nets lose this game against the Rockets. It was the the 5-of-21 showing from the Nets from the three-point line that did them no favors.

Video courtesy of Dexter Henry.