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Brooklyn Nets fall out of top 10 in jersey sales

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Here's another indication of how bad things have gotten: for the first time since the Nets moved to Brooklyn, they are no longer in's top 10. Nor are any of the Nets players in the top 15 of jersey sales.

When the team moved to Brooklyn, sales of the black-and-white jerseys soared to No. 4, after the Nets had finished 31st, behind the defunct Seattle Sonics.  Deron Williams also made it to the top 10.  The data cover the three months from October through December, that is, training camp and the first two months of the season. Last year, they ranked seventh, still respectable.  The NBA does not release numbers nor rankings below the top ten.  The NBA ranking is based on sales at the Adidas as well as sales online at Both the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony finished seventh in the rankings released today.

Teams share revenue equally in the sales reported for the rankings.