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Brooklyn Nets launch new ad campaign, "We are Brooklyn", featuring ... Kevin Garnett

Brooklyn Nets

In year one, the Brooklyn Nets won plaudits for its "Hello Brooklyn" ad campaign as the team introduced itself to the borough.  Last year, with its (misplaced) championship aspirations, it was "Are You Ready?"  Now, with the franchise settling in, it's "We Are Brooklyn." The campaign is underway, reports AdWeek.

"Year three is a combination of both," Brett Yormark said, discussing the new campaign in the context of the first two years.. "Our fan base has evolved from being a little more casual to a little bit hardcore."

The campaign will be "multichannel" campaign spanning out-of-home, TV, web and social media content. New York residents and visitors might spot ads on subways, buses, taxis .... and MetroCards, Adweek reports. It will feature iconic images of Brooklyn—like the Brooklyn Bridge and Barclays Center— along with images of the players.

The player who is, so far, the most featured, the face of the campaign, is the player some were unsure would still be around: Kevin Garnett.  The image is, as one would expect with KG, very hard-core.  Garnett will become the fourth player in NBA history to play 20 years in the league.

Yormark is proud of the team's success in Brooklyn, noting "Last year, we played to 97 percent capacity [and] we sold out—including the playoffs—over 30 games and this year it will be no different than last year."  On Monday, Crain's New York quoted COO Fred Mangione as saying Nets ticket revenue increased 278 percent annually since the move from Newark to Brooklyn.