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Sergey Karasev has an overall rating of 66 in NBA 2K15

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

With the release of NBA 2K15 right around the corner, the video game drops on October 7, the people at 2K Sports have begun to release the ratings of the NBA players in this year's edition.

The official Twitter handle of the game, @NBA2K, is releasing ratings of players in reverse order starting from the worst and finishing at the best. In the first reveal of player ratings, numbers 424 through 401, one Brooklyn Nets player made the list, Sergey Karasev. This is, as the names reported, the worst ranking of any Net on the roster right now.

Karasev is coming off a shaky rookie season, averaging less than two points per game and shooting a little over 34% from the floor. To be fair, the Russian only played in 20 games for Cleveland while spending most of his time with the Canton Charge in the D-League.

Karasev had a rating of 60 at the beginning of last year's game, so he has improved. Here's to hoping his three-point rating is a little bit better.

Karasev's fan site on, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, asked his fans to rally around him.

In the new version of the most popular sports simulator NBA2К Sergey Karasev has received a rating of 66. The challenge to our subscribers this season is to pump Sergey up to 99 in 2К15 ;-) And the challenge of Brooklyn coaches and Sergey is to 'pump him up ' in an actual life. We trust in Sergey. We are fans of Brooklyn We await the season!