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For Brooklyn Nets Brook Lopez, the goal is no limits

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Brook Lopez sat down last week with Lenn Robbins, the Nets in-house beat writer, and talked about a lot of things --including his (and Lionel Hollins) first helicopter ride. Most of the conversation focused on how Lopez isn't interested in hearing or talking about restrictions this year ... reconstructed right foot or not.

"My confidence is sky high right now. I feel like I can do everything," Lopez told Robbins. "Obviously we want to take our time because the season is still far away, sort of ramp it up, but it feels great being out on the floor and I don’t feel limited at all.

"It’s better every day,’’ Lopez said of his foot. "I feel great. It’s good just to be back out on the court, running up and down. I feel I can come out and be the best player I’ve ever been – no question. I get the feeling from working out every day, I’m well on my way to doing it."

Lopez said that confidence is based not just on his physical recovery but "getting to know Coach Hollins" as well.  He added that his recovery not be limited to him as an individual.. "It's most important obviously that it come with team wins. It's important to help the team in any  way I can."