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Brooklyn Nets coaching carousel getting tiresome

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

At first, Brook Lopez couldn't remember how many coaches he's played for in his seven years as a Net?  "Seven or eight?  Counting interims?"

With some help from the beat writers, he decided it was seven: Lawrence Frank, Tom Barrise (two games), Kiki Vandeweghe, Avery Johnson, P.J. Carlesimo, Jason Kidd and now Lionel Hollins. (And we didn't even count Joe Prunty!)

"It's been interesting." the Nets 26-year-old center added.

The Nets coaching carousel, in fact, was a theme Friday at Media Day.  More than one player noted it, usually as part of a reply to questions about the latest coaching change, the one this July when Kidd departed.

Hollins is "the fourth one in three years," said Deron Williams, unsmiling. "So you know, maybe this’ll be the right voice. Hopefully it’s the right voice."

Joe Johnson said, "Every year we start with a new coach. It's like starting from Ground Zero ... "starting from scratch." Johnson also noted that change extends to assistant coaches, who players often have the most interaction with.

The differences are not just about playing style, but practice habits.  Hollins who joked he is a "player killer," runs tough practices.  His predecessor?  Not so much.

"Under Jason Kidd, we practiced ... but not really." said Johnson.

To a man, however, the players said they've liked what they've seen from Hollins ... and hope the carousel will stop.