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Is Lawrence Frank situation close to a resolution?


There's new indications that a resolution to the Lawrence Frank situation is at hand, just days before training camp begins around the NBA.

Dan Woike, who covers the Clippers for the Orange Country Register, tweets Thursday...

Woike has previously reported that the Clippers would not announce their assistant coaching staff additions until Frank got out of his contract with Brooklyn.  Frank was famously "reassigned" to doing daily reports by Jason Kidd early last season following at least one angry outburst between head and lead assistant.  The Nets at that point were struggling mightily.

The Nets chose not to add Frank to Lionel Hollins staff this summer. In recent weeks, his name has fallen on the team's front office directory, from the position right under head coach to one below all of Hollins assistants and the team's strength and conditioning coach. As of Thursday morning, he was still listed there. It's hard to believe anyone wants the situation to continue into another season, particularly with Kidd long gone.

Frank has six-year, $6 million contract signed last summer. It reportedly includes performance bonuses, balloon payments and promise of a front office job in year five.