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Brooklyn Nets have VERY variable prices for different teams

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Norman Oder, critic and chronicler of Atlantic Yards, now Pacific Park, took a look at variable pricing for single game tickets this season and showed that there is a wide gap between single game tickets for different teams ... and its not always based on last season's records.

Oder looks at the cheap seats as well as the more moderately priced and finds that, no surprise, the Nets are charging the highest single game price for the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James at $110.00 and the lowest for the Minnesota Timberwolves, at $20.00.  As he notes, the prices can change during the season as the season changes.

Here's some other cheap seat prices...

--New York Knicks $79.00

--Chicago Bulls $75.00

--Oklahoma City Thunder $69.00

--Indiana Pacers $50.00

--Miami Heat $45.00

--San Antonio Spurs $35.00

--Milwaukee Bucks (with Jason Kidd) $35.00

--Philadelphia 76ers $25.00

The big surprises: $35 to see the NBA champions and $20 to see the Timberwolves with its young guns. The pricing is typical of what goes on elsewhere in the league.  Oder laments, in general, the lack of cheaper seats, but the Nets note that they give away a large number of seats to community groups.