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Bruce Ratner thinks heads should roll in NFL scandals "even maybe at the very top"

Mikhail Prokhorov has not spoken out on the NFL scandals, although his New York representative, Irina Pavlova, has. Now the Nets minority owner Bruce Ratner has provided his take and suggested to Bloomberg News that "heads will roll ... even at the very top," an apparent reference to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Ratner compared the way NBA commissioner Adam Silver deal with the Donald Sterling scandal by acting quickly and decisively with Goodell's often contradictory and confusing statements.

"An Adam Silver type of reaction should have occurred where they should have come down exceptionally hard on these two players and stopped it," said Ratner, who still owns 20 percent of the Nets and was principal owner for six years.

"How do you let that go? And I consider what happened letting go," Ratner said of the lack of action in the cases of both Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

When Betty Liu of Bloomberg asked Ratner "do you think heads should roll in the NFL on all of this?", he replied, "It's going to be hard for heads not to roll. I think that might well happen."

Even at the top?, Liu asks.

"Even maybe at the very top," said Ratner.