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Flying Under the Radar, Doing Good

NetsDaily Video Journalist Dexter Henry attended Deron Williams' Charity Dodgeball Event and talked to Nets players about the event and the upcoming 2014-2015 NBA season.

NetsDaily went to the Deron Williams Celebrity Dodge Barrage on Monday to talk with D-Will, Lionel Hollins and several of the Nets about giving back and the season ahead. They were feeling good about one, excited about the other.

"Me and D-Will, we've known each other since high school, in the same high school class," said Jarrett Jack, who flew in from Atlanta to play. "Our relationship is deeper than basketball. I like what he's doing here and I wanted to come out to support him."

"I come and support him," added Lionel Hollins. "And I hope to be supporting of a lot of our players, because I think it's important for our players to give back to our community. They've all been blessed. It's good for them to turn around and be a blessing for others."

And to a man, the Nets on hand talked excitedly about the season ahead ... and like that they're "flying under the radar," as Williams said.

"Yeah, I'm excited, but I can wait a couple of more weeks. It's gonna come it's gonna be there and we're gonna be after it," said Hollins. "I'm excited, but I'm not in a hurry."

"I can't wait, said Mason Plumlee, just off the plane from Madrid and the gold medal game in FIBA World Cup. "Every season is a new opportunity, a clean slate. We have a great group of guys. I think we get people healthy. On paper, we're as talented as anybody."

"Definitely excited about this season," said Williams. "We're flying under the radar right now, which is fine. A lot of people aren't paying much attention to us and we're good with that."