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Lionel Hollins: Kevin Garnett to start at power forward


At Deron Williams' Dodge Barrage event in New York City Monday afternoon, Lionel Hollins meet with the New York media and dropped a bombshell about the Nets' starting lineup this season.

Nearly two weeks before training camp gets underway, the head coach told reporters that Kevin Garnett will be the team's starting power forward this season. KG has started 1,482 consecutive games in the NBA.

Hollins also gave a hint to how many minutes the big man can play this year.

Why? The answer was simple, said Hollins.

And what about all talk of KG retiring?

Here's what he said specifically...

"If he's healthy, and producing, he's going to play," Hollins said. "How many minutes? I don't know. But he is not going to play 15 or 16 minutes. I can guarantee you that.

"There is nobody in the gym that I would put in his place. He has earned the right to have that opportunity to be the starter from Day One. Somebody has to knock him out, it's got to be like a heavyweight fight. I don't really see that happening.

"He looks good. He looks in great shape, shooting the ball extremely well," added Hollins. "He’s working. I would assume that if in fact it is his last year, he would want to make it his best."

Many fans are skeptical about the idea of Garnett starting due to his age and limitations on the floor last season. Garnett struggled defending power forwards before the injury to Brook Lopez moved him to center.

Also, the rise of Mason Plumlee over the offseason led many to believe that he could be the starter or play a lot of minutes. Garnett seemed capable of playing minimal minutes last season in Jason Kidd's system. KG played a little more than 20 minutes per game last year, and rarely played back-to-backs.