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Several Brooklyn Nets' NBA2K15 ratings released

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With NBA2K15's release date drawing closer, the game is releasing more and more player's ratings in the game.

Ranked in the bottom half of the NBA pack are several current Nets as well as a few from last year's squad.

Andrei Kirilenko, Jarrett Jack and rookie Bojan Bogdanovic all received a 74 ranking, the same as Shaun Livingston, Jason Terry and Reggie EvansMirza Teletovic and Alan Anderson were given 71's, Marquis Teague a 69 and rookie Markel Brown a 68.  As previously noted, Sergey Karasev wound up with a 66.

You can view the full list of bottom half of the league's rankings here. Who's likely to be next?  Could it be Mason Plumlee?  Or maybe Kevin Garnett?

The ratings have nothing to do with the team in reality, obviously, but it is always interesting to see how people believe the Nets' players stack up to the rest of the league. It must be noted that only four players have a rating of above 90 this season, and a talented player like Klay Thompson has a rating of 82 this season, so it is clear that 2K is not giving any leeway to lower-tier players.

NBA2K15 will be released on October 7.