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ESPN: Clippers close to deal with Lawrence Frank

Kevin C. Cox

It's buried in the middle of a story on the Clippers signing Hedo Turkoglu, and is treated as if it's a minor development ...for L.A., but ESPN's Arash Markazi writes that Doc Rivers is about to sign Lawrence Frank as an assistant coach.

The Clippers are also close to finalizing their coaching staff. Former New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson joined Rivers' coaching staff, which lost three assistant coaches this offseason, in July. He is expected to be joined by Sam Cassell, who was let out of his contract with the Washington Wizards last month, and Lawrence Frank, who is still under contract with the Brooklyn Nets.

The ESPN LA writer says that Frank and the others will be announced "until Frank's situation is resolved," an indication that the Nets and Frank are talking a buyout. There was no further reference to timing. Over the summer, there were several reports emanating from L.A. that Rivers wanted Frank as an assistant.  Frank and Rivers worked together in Boston.

Frank was famously (or infamously) "reassigned" to writing daily reports for the team last December as the Nets struggled and Kidd believed that Frank was undermining him. Frank signed a six-year, $6 million contract a year ago that included balloon payments, performance bonuses and the promise of an assistant GM's job in year five of the deal, according to league sources. The Nets would not require any compensation from L.A. if they sign him, say team insiders.