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Andrei Kirilenko's Utah home is burglarized, few valuables taken

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Andrei Kirilenko's home outside Salt Lake City was burglarized over the weekend but his wife, Masha Lopatova told KSL TV in Utah that little of value was taken.  Kirlenko, who spent the summer in St. Tropez on the French Riviera and Utah, has been back in New York for about a month.

"I can't say it is a pleasant feeling. It definitely is a little bit uncomfortable," Lopatova, a fashion designer, said. Among the items taken were a TV, a Playstation and Marvel action heroes.  As a result, she believes the burglars were likely "young and amateur."

"It was time for a cleanup anyway. They kind of helped us," she quipped. "It's definitely not a very pleasant thing when someone does this without permission. They should have asked. We would have given it to them."

Lopatova said she was surprised because she always considered Utah among the safest places on earth.