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Jason Kidd says he feels at home in Milwaukee, where his neighbors baked him brownies

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Maddie Meyer

Jason Kidd spent one season as the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, but it never felt like he was at home in the city of New York, let alone the borough of Brooklyn. After having lobbied for the job just months prior to his retirement from the NBA as a player, Kidd over-played his hand at season's end and soon found himself as the newest head coach of the Bucks and living in Milwaukee.

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Kidd said that he and his family already "feel at home" in Milwaukee, thanks in part to the home-baked brownies his neighbors delivered.

From his wife, Porschla Kidd:

"My neighbors baked us brownies," she said. "That's the first time that's ever happened to me.

"They brought them over and said, 'Welcome to the neighborhood and welcome to Milwaukee.' It was really nice. Who does that, right?

"It was really nice and made us feel at home."

And what did Brooklyn give the Kidds? Brownies?  Nope. Just a Bontemps, a Bondy and a Boone.

Among the other notable tidbits form this piece, I found it interesting that Kidd never once mentioned Brooklyn nor the team's owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, when the conversation shifted to regional living and team owners.

"It's going to change; we know that," Kidd said. "But it gets cold on the East Coast, no matter where you are. The beauty of coming here, the people have been wonderful.

"You hear about the buzz of the Bucks. When you have new ownership that's going to be aggressive about trying to put a contender together and young talent that's going to take the floor, there's a lot of reason to be excited."

The "East Coast," not Brooklyn? Not New York? (I'm nitpicking, aren't I?)

OK, well, on the ownership, of course Kidd is going to praise the gentlemen who sign his checks, but he also went all-in when asked about Mark Cuban, saying, "Mark is one of the best owners,"  and "When I look at our new owners, Wes [Edens] and Marc [Lasry], they have that same drive (as Mark). They're very competitive."

Not mentioned: Mikhail Prokhorov.

I get it. This is like a new "relationship", where you don't go on a first, second or third date and talk about your ex. I get that. But, I was surprised to see that he didn't mention Brooklyn. Maybe he did, and those bites didn't make the piece, who knows.

But, hey, the Kidds are happy in Milwaukee and Brooklyn has a new coach, Lionel Hollinswho seems pretty psyched about being in New York. So, everyone's happy.

Kidd will return to the East Coast on November 19th, when Hot Blondies Bakery might want to consider delivering him some of their homemade brownies. And he might want to accept them since, hey, I bet Brooklyn does brownies better than Brew City.

Meanwhile, back in Brownie-adverse New York, Kidd is looking to rent, not sell, his apartment at the Adlyn on Riverside Drive.  He wants $20,000 a month.