Lowe on Croatian(including Bojan) players in NBA

Translation of interview with Zack Lowe if somebody is interested:

My wife grew up in Dubrovnik and we still have a lot of relatives and friends there. We are in Croatia almost every summer, I was five times so far. The Adriatic Sea is simply wonderful. I think I have never seen the sea or ocean that has such beautiful blue color, and through which you can see to the bottom in deeper areas.

I always enjoy in Croatia. It is beautiful country, and how I come from New York,it is a nice change when you can sit, drink coffee (or "Karlovačko" beer) and sit as long as you want, without being disturbed.

As far as the Croatian language, I know a hundred words and phrases, and the wife's relatives first learned me how to swear and the word "beer" before anything else.

I'm excited about all three Croats who will come to the NBA. Bojan has 25 years, and we are waiting him on this side of the ocean for long time. Given that I am New Yorker, I look forward to watch him closely in Brooklyn. He is a versatile basketball player who should fit in any environment, even though it will have to adapt to the fact that he will not be a central figure in the attack and that he will not have a lot of ball in the "post-up", as was the case in Europe and the Croatian national team. Also, it will be interesting to see how will he shoot from the NBA three-pointer.

I love Šarić. He very lively under basket. I like the way he elbows in pain for better position. He must work on shot, but he is worker, he has the right approach. He's very skilled for such a young and high player, I can not wait to watch him in Philadelphia.

Rudež is 28 years old and it is rare that the Europeans come in those years in NBA. In Europe, he played both wing positions, but the Pacers will probably use him as a stretch "four". Perhaps injury of Paul George can change that. Frank Vogel does not use shoters at "four" which are not fully trusted when it comes to defense. So it will be interesting to see how will Rudež fight for minute. But he's a great worker with excellent approach and even better shot.

Saric has the best chance to contribute right away, especially as ther is strong possibility that the Sixers will be terrible when he came to Philadelphia. Can play an important role when he comes in NBA, at both ends of the field. It is difficult to assess how their roster will look in two years, only their draft will for sure be on the team then, but even now they have a hole at power forward. Saric would fit natural there.

But for now Bogdanovic is more interesting. He is coming in a good team, in which at least three players have the ball almost all the time - Joe Johnson, Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. They played "small ball" a good part of the last season when Lopez was injured, with Paul Pierce on "four", but it is unclear how will they play now when Lopez is healthy. On position "four" they dont have depth, especially if Kevin Garnett will had again "strange" games.

Bogdanovic indicators should be Mirza Teletović path to rotation player and an indication that the minutes of the NBA does not come by itself, even for European players who come to play on a good salary.

I grew up as a fan of the Boston Celtics, and Dino Rađa will always have a special place in my heart! Toni Kukoc is the undisputed genius, and I love to watch Ante Tomic when I can. However, of all the Croatian players that I have seen during my professional monitoring of league, Dario Saric has the most potential to become an important NBA player.