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Deron Williams: "20 days till camp starts and hopefully, I will be ready for it"

Deron Williams offered a generally upbeat perspective on his recovery from ankle surgery Thursday morning on Good Day New York, saying his ankles "feel good, feel strong, working out, ready to go." He also said it had been hard getting in shape after being laid up most of the summer but he hopes to be ready for training camp which begins September 27.

"I'm feeling good, my ankles are feeling a lot better. It's 20 days till camp starts and hopefully, I will be ready for it," he told Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto in a segment promoting his celebrity Dodgeball Tournament Monday. "It's kind of hard to stay in shape when you're off both feet for a while."

Williams explained that he underwent anesthesia for the double ankle surgery in which he had a "couple things done to the left one, little fragment removed from the right," pointing to each.

Just last week, Matt Mitnick, his long time friend, posted an Instagram video of Williams working out in which he displayed some nifty crossover moves, an indication we was engaging in basketball-related activities.

D-Will expressed optimism about the upcoming season. Asked about Lionel Hollins told Scotto, "I just met with him for the very first time when I got in town. Great meeting, great talk and he's excited about the season and so am I."

As for the controversy over his remarks to Resident Magazine, Williams noted that there was a clear misunderstanding. "It's just a different lifesstyle here. That's all. I was pointing that out and I enjoy my time in the summers away, but definitely love it in New York. You know, i signed here for five years! I take the subway. I enjoy a lot of things about New York, the convenience."

He also agreed with Kelly's characterization of Bruce Levenson's email as racist. When asked if this was an isolated incident or something broader, Williams responded, "I'm sure there is something racist on every level." He also said he's a friend of Ray Rice and understands the outrage the release of the tap engendered. But he said he hopes Rice can play again and that he's undergone counseling. "What's sad is that he living through it again."

At the segment's end, he tried to engage Kelly and Scotto (who is Brett Yormark's sister-in-law) in an impromptu dodgeball tutorial. As Scotto told Kelly, "Watch out for the ankle," Williams quickly responded, "ankle's good, don't worry about the ankle."