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NBA team marketing director: "Nets have taken Brooklyn by storm"

Gotham Gooner

In an article on Nets new chief operating officer Fred Mangione, the NBA's marketing director talks about how the Nets move to Brooklyn has succeeded in so many ways.

"The Nets have really taken Brooklyn by storm," Amy Brooks, executive vice president of team marketing for the NBA, told Crain's. "This is a team that's gone from near the bottom of the league in many metrics to near the top."

The metrics she spoke about include, as reported by Crain's and others::

--Barclays Center finished first in revenue and tickets sold for U.S. arenas with capacities of 15,001 or more.

--Nets attendance was up 30% from 2011-2012, the team's final season in New Jersey.

--Nets ticket revenue jumped 278%, moving the Nets into the top five in the NBA after being dead last in New Jersey. A big part of that increase has to do with the Nets having more suites available to sell than in New Jersey.

--Nets merchandise sales jumped from 31st (behind Seattle Supersonics gear) to third, according to the Adidas metric, a little lower according to the NBA Store.

Mangione told Crain's he is looking forward to the arrival of the Islanders a year from now.

"We want to maximize all the revenues we can," said Mangione, who's No. 2 behind Brett Yormark.