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Is Kevin Garnett absolutely, positively coming back? Yes, but...

Jonathan Daniel

In a wide-ranging interview, Lionel Hollins talked to Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report about a lot of things, his coaching staff, Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, the pick-and-roll, Basketball Without Borders... and Kevin Garnett.

Although everyone has suggested that KG is coming back, and Hollins said he's been told that, he left a bit of wiggle room for the 19-year veteran to do something else.  Here's his Q and A with Zwerling...

What's the latest with Kevin Garnett? Has he talked to you yet about returning?

LH: "No, I haven't talked about that with him, but all reports that I have [from team management] is that he's coming back. It's his right to make that decision or change his mind if he has decided to come back or not come back. I'm not worried about that. That's out of my control. That's a decision that KG and his family have to make, and I'll leave it with him."

There was no follow-up. On his coaching staff, Hollins disclosed that he and his assistants have had a "retreat" recently, noting that his players are still a month away from returning.

"I've already had a coaches' retreat with all the coaches that I've hired, just laying a foundation and starting to talk about defensive philosophies, what we want to do offensively, who I am, how I like to coach, getting them acclimated to me and me acclimated to them. So when we come back together in September and the players are around and we're meeting, everybody will be on board with how we do things."

Hollins said he already has ideas about his players but once camp opens, that could change. There's a LOT more there.