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Knick joke? BrooklyKnight memorial? a skeleton dressed in Brooklyn Nets gear raises questions

lauren wolfe/WNBC

Is some cruel trick by a Knicks fan (too creative) or meant to be a requiem for the BrooklyKnight (too significant for such an insignificant player)?  Perhaps a paean to the return of Travis Outlaw? Or as Gawker suggests, is it "some Pratt undergrad's dumb art project? (Probably.)"

Whatever it was meant to be, here's what it is, as described by Gus Rosenthal of WNBC, Channel 4...

A jogger, Kate Steciw, found what appeared to be a human skeleton wearing a Brooklyn Nets hat, a T-shirt, goggles and sweatpants standing up on display behind a wrought iron fence near a path in the southeastern portion of the park, near Ocean Avenue.

Gawker picked it up and asked more existential question: "Americana... Death... Brooklyn.... What does it all mean?"

First things first, WNBC reports that the skeleton will be tested to see whether it is indeed made of human bones. The NYPD does not believe it constitutes a crime scene, WNBC reports.