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Brooklyn Nets to open camp early before heading to China ... and low expectations

Ronald Martinez

Lenn Robbins takes a look at the 12-month NBA season, the one that has filled pages here and elsewhere with almost as much news as there is when the games are played.  Part of that calendar is the opening day of training camp, which for most teams is October 1, preceded by Media Day.

But because the Nets are headed to China to play the Kings, both they and Sacramento will get a head start on things... "The Nets report to training camp on September 26. They leave on October 8 for China."  So if you're counting down the number of days till training camp, subtract four.

In the same article, Robbins writes that among pundits, expectations are low in part because of big questions. He thinks the two big questions facing the Nets in training camp, assuming everyone is healthy, are likely to be: "Who replaces Paul Pierce? And how does the team adjust to Lionel Hollins?"

Robbins is upbeat about the answers to both, noting "The Nets signed swingman Bojan Bogdanovic, who should battle for some of Pierce's minutes."  He also quotes ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla, who suggested Markel Brown might be "the best athlete in the 2014 draft."

Overall, though, he quotes Billy King as admitting the Nets face low expectations before adding, "Every season brings a surprise team in the NBA."