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Do Brooklyn Nets want compensation for Lawrence Frank?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Lawrence Frank wasn't named to Lionel Hollins staff last week, leaving him once again in limbo ... And in receipt of a seven figure salary. The Nets front office directory still lists him as an assistant, in fact the first assistant.  How long can this go on? Apparently through 2019, when his six-year deal runs out. The last two years reportedly guarantee him a front office position.

Back in May, there were reports Doc Rivers wanted to bring him out to Los Angeles as lead assistant. Now the rumors are back. The Clippers are about to sign Sam Cassell but reportedly still want Frank.  Dan Woike of the Orange County Register reports that the Clippers won't have to compensate the Wizards ... and hints compensation could be an issue with Frank.

The team has not had the same success thus far with another coaching target, Brooklyn assistant Lawrence Frank.

A former NBA head coach, Frank is under contract with the Nets, but he wasn’t mentioned as a member of Lionel Hollins’ staff last week.

The Clippers would like to add Frank to Rivers’ coaching staff, though they’d prefer not to send Brooklyn compensation.

That sure sounds like the Nets want something, perhaps a pick, for Frank, who is after all a former head coach. But a league source says the Nets are not interested in compensation for Kidd, that if he wants to leave, the Nets will wish him well.

The Nets are known to want to build up their stockpile of second rounders. They bought three on Draft Night and got two from the Bucks, in 2015 and 2019, for Jason Kidd.  The Clippers have the right to swap second rounders in 2016 under certain circumstances.