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Markel Brown: "I want to be a pest on defense"

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Bradley Popkin of Hoops Habit spoke Sunday to both Markel Brown and Cory Jefferson about their upcoming rookie years: how they hope to contribute and what fans can expect from them.

Brown, who had a reputation for defense at Oklahoma State, was direct when asked what he hopes to provide Brooklyn in the backcourt

"Provide them with hard-nosed defense. Someone who’s going to come out there and be a pest on defense and someone who can step in and chip in some points on the offensive end."

Jefferson, asked the same question about the frontcourt, was similarly direct...

"I want to bring energy, get rebounds, run the floor, block shots and hit open jumpers when I can."

Brown also said he has gotten help in the process from two OSU alum who also have reps for providing toughness: Tony Allen and James Anderson.

They also provided a little intelligence on what style of play they anticipated from the Nets new brain trust.

"I feel like things are going to be different now that we have a different coach. All I hear is coach Lionel Hollins talking about how he wants to play faster," said Brown.

"From what I’ve known this summer, playing in Orlando, it might be a little faster tempo but that’ll be fine with me," added Jefferson.