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Brook Lopez and brother Robin visit US Embassy, Moscow, then run clinic in Perm

U.S. Embassy, Moscow

Brook Lopez and brother Robin continued their Russian adventure Sunday by visiting the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and then traveling out to the Ural Mountains to open a newly refurbished gym --and run a youth clinic-- in Perm.

The visit to the embassy had the 7-foot twins run a clinic for families of embassy staffers and watch the staffers pick-up game. Did it constitute scouting ... or spying.

Before they left Moscow, Brook said the brothers had lunch in "a pleasant atmosphere" with Mikhail Prokhorov.

From there it was on to Perm, where as part of an NBA agreement with SIBUR, a Russian natural gas company, they re-opened a court, one of 10 around the country "to grow the game of basketball in Russia by providing safe and accessible basketball facilities," as SIBUR stated.  Perm is the hometown of Sergey Kuschenko, a member of the Nets board of directors and president of the VTB league, Russia's premier basketball league. He was on hand for the dedication as well.

RBC, the Russian business channel owned by Prokhorov, ran a feature Sunday on the clinic.