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Lionel Hollins: Brooklyn Nets need "toughness, aggressiveness, physicality"

Jonathan Daniel

Lionel Hollins, talking with  China Daily by phone last week made it clear what he wants from his team this season. He told reporter Yan Weijue...

"Any team that wants to have success must have a foundation of toughness, aggressiveness, physicality. If you play together on the offense end and take good shots, you play with each other, you don't care who makes the bucket as long as the person has a Brooklyn Nets name on his jersey."

Hollins spoke mostly about history with China, where the Nets play two preseason games but also touched on how he's communicating with his players, particularly the younger, less experienced of his charges.

"I just let them know my expectations of them, and let them know who I am. Because as an established veteran it really doesn't matter who you are as much as who is coaching you. You will be able adapt to any coach and basically fit in with most systems as well."

As of last week, Hollins said he still hasn't spoken with Joe Johnson and Kevin Garnett.

Hollins spoke of China's "amazing" transformation since he made his first trip there as a player for the Portland Trail Blazers.  One big change: the food.

"I also remember rice and soy sauce three times a day. Rice and chicken, rice and fish. I missed having a steak for those two weeks I was here, but since I've been back it's a lot more versatile in terms of restaurants."

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