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Cory Jefferson loved watching KG growing up, embraces "rebounding specialist" role

Nick Laham

In an interview with The Sports Cave, Cory Jefferson says he likes being called a "rebounding specialist;" says Kevin Garnett was one of his favorite players to watch and learn from growing up and talks about the risk he took on Draft Night.

Asked about being called a "rebounding specialist" by NetsDaily's Daniel LoGuidice, Jefferson seemed to embrace the idea.

"I like that title," said Jefferson. "I think it shows everybody how hard I work on the court."

Asked who his role models were growing up watching the NBA, Jefferson said there were too players he enjoyed watching and learning from, Tim Duncan and KG.

He also confirmed that he was unsure his name would be called (and it wasn't until No. 60). "There was a point during the draft where I was telling teams that I didn’t want to be drafted because they wanted to send me straight overseas."  The Nets, who paid the 76ers $300,000 for his rights, decided they'd give him a chance and Jefferson said he's most looking forward to "being out on the floor with that Nets jersey on and contributing to my team."