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Mason Plumlee feeling comfortable at power forward

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mason Plumlee said it again. He'd like to play alongside Brook Lopez instead of behind him ... and with a new coach, new confidence and the flexibility Lopez's return brings, he sees no reason why he shouldn't.

"I’m definitely comfortable at power forward," Plumlee told Stefan Bondy. "I’m a very good passer; I can see the floor, and I can put the ball on the floor ...

"I think so (I can play next to Lopez)," he added. "He demands so much attention, you kind let him be the focal point scoring wise and then you kind of complement him. So it can be a good two-man tandem. Him and Kevin (Garnett), him and me, me and Kevin, however you want to do it."

Lionel Hollins, asked about Plumlee's desire to break out this season,  said he expects Plumlee's role with the Nets will increase.

"I hope it will," Scott Fontana of amNY quoted Hollins as saying, "but until we get started, you never know."

Plumlee also said Jason Kidd's restrictions on his offensive game hurt him in the playoffs, where his regular season numbers dropped way off. "You start playing a team over and over again (in the playoffs), I didn’t have enough to go to," he said.

As for the punditry and predictions that the Nets could fade this season, Plumlee described it as "motivating."

"I just think the media and people don’t take into account how much better a team can get with players they already have.  Deron can get better. I can get better. Joe, Kevin, we can all get better internally. It doesn’t have to be a trade, it doesn’t have to be a draft pick. I think that’s what’s going to show this season."