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Jason Collins will wait till summer's end to decide on career

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

There's no indication the Nets are interested in bringing Jason Collins back next season, and Collins has spent much of the summer promoting a human rights agenda.  Now, he tells the Washington Blade and Atlanta's Creative Loafing that he's not giving up on the possibility of playing again, that he's been working out and will make a decision at summer's end.

He told the Blade it's all about his summer...

Collins, who remains a free agent, told the Blade he has not made any decisions about the upcoming season and whether he will return to the Nets.

"I’m going to enjoy my summer right now," he said. "I still work out. I still train."

Collins told the Blade his immediate plans include public speaking and traveling.

"I will evaluate things at the end of the summer," he said.

And he admitted to the Atlanta website that he's truly uncertain...

"I'm honestly stuck right now. I told myself I'd make a decision in mid-September about whether I want to keep playing or move on to other passions in my life. I'm still in shape if I decide to give basketball one more go. ... Right now I'm really just enjoying my summer."

Last week, in an interview with the Oakland Tribune, he seemed to leaning toward retirement.

Collins, 35, has a history of being signed mid-season when teams need another big to set picks and take charges.

Most of the interviews concerned Collins personal journey but he also told the Blade about how his first night at Barclays Center closed a New York circle for the gay rights movement.

"This is where the Stonewall riots happened," he told the Blade, referring to the 1969 riots at New York's Stonewall Inn, the start of the gay liberation movement. "Flash forward to when I entered a game and got a standing ovation when I took the court for my team. As a society we’re on the right path."