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Front Office Directory offers some hints of change

Christian Petersen

An updated Nets Front Office Directory shows a number of changes to team management, with quite a few  additions, a few subtractions, a reorganization here and there and some new titles. Most are reflections of the change from Jason Kidd to Lionel Hollins.

Billy King remains at the top, along with his two top assistants, Bobby Marks and Frank Zanin.  The changes start after that. With the Nets not having a D-League team, Milton Lee, Director of Minor League Operations, has left the team as have three of  Kidd's assistants, Joe Prunty, Eric Hughes and Sean Sweeney. The three have joined him in Milwaukee, as has his long-time executive assistant, Jenn Cerreto.

Hollins coaching staff has been officially added to the directory, with Paul Westphal listed right behind Hollins. Then, it's Tony Brown, recruited from the Mavericks; Joe Wolf, the new big man coach; John Welch, who Kidd relied on heavily for offensive strategy; Jay Humphries, the new player development coach; and Jim Sann, who served as both advance scout and assistant coach under Kidd. Listed below Dr. Jeremy Bettle, the strength and conditioning coach, is Lawrence Frank, who had been listed atop the list of assistants last season and even after Hollins was hired. Now, on the updated directory, he's an afterthought.

Also added are two video staffers, both of whom come from the Grizzlies organization. Steven Jones is the "manager of video operations" and Mike Jones is "video coordinator."  Steven Jones responsibilities at Memphis also included player development.  He played college ball at UNLV and has been with the Grizzlies the last three seasons. Also joining Hollins staff is Jordan Brown as executive assistant. Brown comes with a media background. His LinkedIn job description includes "manage and coordinate communication & interaction" for Hollins.

Tim Walsh remains as head trainer, with Lloyd Beckett as his new "Director of Physical Therapy/Assistant Trainer." He replaces Robby Hoenshel, who left the Nets for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Among Beckett's former jobs: "Physical Therapist, U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations." He's also worked with the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers.

The team has given its scouting staff new titles. Garry St. Jean, the former coach of the Kings and GM of the Warriors is listed as "Pro Scout." He sees a lot of NBA games as in-studio analyst for Golden State Warriors coverage.  Listed as "regional scouts" are Khalid Green, T.J. Zanin (Frank's brother); Eddie Oran, and Bob Ferry (Danny's father).  Gregg Polinsky, the head scout, retains his title as "Director of Player Personnel." Alabama-based, he does a lot of college scouting in the south.  Danko Cvjeticanin remains "International Scouting Coordinator."  Regional scouting "beats" is something King developed while in Philadelphia.

A number of people have been promoted. Matt Riccardi is now "Senior Manager, Basketball Operations"; adding "senior" to his old title. Marivic Lardizabal has gone from Billy King's executive assistant to "Manager of Team Services."  Both titles are more in line with their extensive management responsibilities inside the organization.  Ryan Gisriel, who started three years ago, as an intern, is now King's assistant.  Brennan Blair, who has long maintained the Nets office-wide video network, databases, and servers is now "Coordinator, Basketball Technology." Like Gisriel, he too began as an intern.

Milton Lee's assistant, Adam Ratner, son of Forest City Enterprises CEO Charles Ratner, remains but in a new role as "assistant, basketball operations." Prior to joining the Nets, he had worked for the Cavaliers.