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How much does Kevin Garnett have left?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Ohm Youngmisuk takes a look at Kevin Garnett, about to enter his 20th --and perhaps final-- season in the NBA. What can the 38-year-old bring to Brooklyn?

The frontcourt will be different this season. Assuming Brook Lopez is healthy, the Nets will have one of the league's best offensive centers in Lopez, a rising star in Mason Plumlee and a rookie big in Cory Jefferson. There will be no Andray Blatche, however.

Youngmisuk thinks the return of Lopez and development of Plumlee alone will make things easier for KG.

If Lopez is healthy, the Nets won’t have to rely as heavily as they did on Garnett in the paint in the second round of the playoffs against the Heat. Also, Plumlee, a promising young big man, should continue to develop. So Garnett should have enough left in the tank to help the Nets similar to last season.

As for KG's seeming absenteeism, Youngmisuk says not to worry, quoting Doc Rivers.

"Kevin, in the summer, goes into hiding. Which is something I’ve always had a lot of respect for. I think more players should do that instead of doing all the stuff all summer; you see players everywhere. The reason Kevin has been able to play so long is during the offseason he goes underground. He recuperates. Not just physically."