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Where will the Nets be in 12 months from now?

If you had asked me 12 months ago...
If you had asked me 12 months ago...
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Twelve months from now, the Brooklyn Nets hope to be coming off the high of having just paraded down funky Flatbush Ave. with the Larry O'Brien trophy in hand and a Russian owner whose bachelorhood has been preserved. At least that's the hope.

The SB Nation NBA family of blogs are running a theme day this morning, in which each team blog was asked: Where will your team be in 12 months from now? This is a tough one. I mean, if you had asked me 12 months ago the photo (above) I used in this piece wouldn't have seemed SO ridiculous. So, I don't know.

I wasn't sure how to approach this topic. I mean, we can talk about the financials, the assets, the draft picks, and so on, in a serious manner, but, we do that often enough on this site. Net Income posts a comprehensive look at future assets on a weekly basis. So, that doesn't seem like fun. It's more redundant than anything.

The other approach was to just make stuff up. Like, "12 months from now Lawrence Frank's best-selling novel 'Million Dollar Reports: How Jason Kidd Turned Me Into the Highest Paid Blogger on the Planet' will have been atop the New York Times' Best-Sellers' list for the 4th straight month." Stuff like that.

Then, I got to thinking, why should I write dumb jokes when, after all, this site is built around its community and we are, for better or worse, run by the inmates. So, I will get things started with a few, but I encourage you all to get involved and make your 12-month predictions. I don't care if their ridiculous or "honest," but I would love to see where our readers think this team will be 12 months from now.

I'll start with two...

- After having had multiple ankle surgeries, Deron Williams will be given...multiple ankles. Three (or four, depending on how you define "ankle"), to be exact. #Science

- Lionel Hollins will be celebrating, having just come off winning the 2014-15 NBA Coach of the Year Award.

Your turn. Have at it, NetsDaily readers!