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Nets slated to finish eighth in the East by ESPN

Please don't panic, this means nothing

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

It's the middle of August, which means only one thing, the ESPN Summer Forecast is back!

ESPN lists 210 different writers that are connected to their network that they poll on a wide range of different topics about the upcoming season. This event started Monday morning with Eastern Conference Predictions, and the Nets pop up eight on the list, with a predicted record of 39-43. Brooklyn finishes behind (in order): Cleveland, Chicago, Washington, Toronto, Charlotte, Miami, Atlanta. That finish would also mean the Nets and Hawks would have to swap picks.

Chad Ford tweeted out his vote...

For the record, this prediction means nothing. It is ESPN asking their writers what they believe will happen next season. There is no public record of who voted what and how they determined the Nets' forecasted record. For a historical review of how the Nets fared in last year's ESPN forecast, they were predicted to finish 53-29 last season and finish fourth in the East. The Knicks were thought to finish fifth by the panel.

Take this with a grain of salt Nets fans.