Bojan Bogdanovic interview

Now, after some time has passed, almost two weeks of official signature in New York, did you settle your impressions?

- Yes, I settle impressions. I immediately switched to the national team and concentrate to give best, because I know guys have come ten days before me, so I need them, and they need me if I want to come in right form as soon as possible.

Once you put a signature on a $ 10.3 million contract with the Nets, did you thought "Okay, now I've done something in life" ...

- Honestly, I have not. However, when I came to America, I saw that I came to, I can not tell in another world, but almost everything is different than in Europe. I think those thoughts about how "I achived something" will come to my mind more when NBA season starts.I'm aware now but not as much as I will be when I will be part of it, when I will live it. I was there seven days and I have not trained, I saw where we will train, play games(BC), and that's about it.

So,for the final impressions we should wait start of season.......

- Yes, when I will play and perform on court, it will mean nothing to me that I am in NBA if I will not play. At least to me. Who knows me, knows I think like that ...

Did you get the impression that they seriously counting on you during those seven days?

- I spent a day with GM, the other day I was with coach Hollins. By their stories they count on me as a player in rotation. Now, will that happen or not, I hope it will. If I get the chance then it's all on me. The worst thing that can happen is that I dont get a chance, but I believe it will not happen. (Like I told last year this was main reason why he didnt come. He probably saw Mirza wit AJ and PJ and told noway :) )

The other day Roko Ukic(he played in NBA for season. He came in NBA to young) in an interview with SN said that in the NBA you must take advantage of initial opportunity because it can lead you to positions that you did not even dreamed.

- Oh, that's right, I'd like if that happens. But, I say, from conversations(probably GM and coach), how they welcomed me, and eventually how they write about me(hahhaha he probably thinks on ND ) in American newspapers, it seems that they respect me. OK, I know that it's not too important, but it means something.