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Lionel Hollins: "NO limitations or restrictions on all the resources needed to win"

Jonathan Daniel

In a whirlwind of radio interviews the last several days, Lionel Hollins has talked a lot about why he likes the Nets head coaching job, but one thing keeps recurring: he has a commitment from Mikhail Prokhorov and Dmitry Razumov that whatever he needs to win, he'll get.

Asked by Mike Francesa what attracted him to the job, other than it was offered, Hollins responded...

"It's like I told Mr. Prokhorov when i taked to him over the phone. the resources he has and his competitive spirit, and his willingness to spend some of those resources to hlep us put the best product we can on the court; being in New York, which is one of the largest markets, and having the ability to entice and attract free agents, and generate revenue to make an owner want to spend money, is all what is necessary to win. I don't think you can go out and buy a championship. I think it has to be earned on the court, but it does help you get assets that can contribute to that winning...

"No limitations or restrictions on all the resources that you would need to put the best product on the court. and that's special."

Hollins also told Mike and Mike on ESPN that he was impressed with which the Nets moved, starting with an 11:30 p.m. text message from Billy King on the Sunday night after the big story broke.Suddenly, he said, he was making flight arrangements --the Nets sent a plane-- with King's executive assistant, meeting for two days with King, Bobby Marks and Frank Zanin, then a flight to Atlanta to talk with Razumov, a phone call with Prokhorov ... and done.

"I get home and i find out they're talking contract and I'm like 'I left unemployed and I come back employed.'"

Hollins also talked about what he saw watching the Nets last season, what he felt they needed. "Being better defensively, being mentally tough, sharing the ball better, having little bit better ball movement and a little better pace. There's possibilities here."

As for promises, he said they would be limited.  "I don't know what the team identity is going to be. "My only promise is that we’re going to play hard every night," Hollins told Francesa. "We’re going to play together, and we’re not going to quit."

Similarly, he told Mike and Mike, "i have very very high goals. i want to win championships, go as far as our talent will take us."