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Stein: Nets get Jarrett Jack, Sergey Karasev in three-team deal

Nets acquire: Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev, trade Marcus Thornton.

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't as a rumored, a straight up one-for-one deal, but Marcus Thornton has been traded not to the Cleveland Cavaliers but to the Boston Celtics in a three-team deal that will return Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev to the Brooklyn Nets, from the Cavaliers.

The first round pick is reported to have come from the Cavliers, going to the Celtics.

Adrian Wojnarowksi has all the details...

The Celtics used the $10.3 million trade exception they received in last year's deal with the Nets, and didn't have to give up any assets other than a future second rounder to Cleveland.

None of the Nets draft rights have much value. Drejer, a second round pick in 2004, retired six years ago after a series of ankle injuries ended his career; Karaman didn't play a game this season after double knee surgery and Bavcic, acquired in the Tyshawn Taylor deal, is 31 and at the end of his European career.

The deal appears, at least for now, to be a win-win-win, with Cleveland opening up a $20.7 million foster spot for LeBron James, if he decides to return to Ohio, Brooklyn getting a back-up point guard who the team long wanted; a long-term prospect and a Russian to boot, while Boston comes away with the biggest haul, a serviceable shooter on an expiring contract; a young, developing seven-footer and a first round pick.

The Nets probably assume the biggest risk in that Jack is owed nearly $13 million and if he doesn't return to his pre-Cleveland productivity, could be come a cap albatross.

Thornton was traded to the Nets during last season’s All-Star break, with the Nets giving up little used assets in Jason Terry and Reggie Evans. After being traded to Brooklyn, Thornton averaged 12.3 points per game and shot 38%. His streaky shooting was a huge asset to the Nets’ bench, but his inconsistency often killed them as well.

The trade is a big slap in the face at Kidd. At the deadline, he wanted the Nets to trade Terry and Evans to Cleveland for Jack. The Nets brass advised him to be patient, that Thornton with his expiring deal would be a better asset in summer and they could make an offer for Jack then.  As one Nets exec said, "He was wrong. We were right."

Sergey Karasev was the 19th overall pick the 2013 draft, but averaged just 1.7 points per game while receiving less than eight minutes per contest. He only played in 22 NBA games and spent a good portion of his rookie season in the D-League, where he averaged 13 points per game.

Here are some D-League highlights...

Although Mark Stein broke the story, Jack signaled everyone just before the first Stein tweet that something was up.