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Brooklyn Nets on their way to another $100 million payroll?

Brooklyn Nets/Nathaniel Butler

Billy King says the Nets want to be "financially responsible." in free agency and some have suggested an era of frugality, at least in Prokhorovian terms. But as his latest hire, Lionel Hollins, noted Monday, "Mikhail Prokhorov has the resources and he's very competitive and wants to win. So he will use those resources for the right players so that we have the opportunity to win."

So, as Tim Bontemps tweeted out Monday night, the Nets are a week into free agency and continuing to spend.

That's without Paul Pierce, who's likely to command somewhere north of $6 million.

Those numbers of course are flexible and not final.  They could reduce them with a trade of Marcus Thornton for Jarrett Jack, (and Bontemps suggests in another tweet Sergey Karasev?), or one that sends Paul Pierce away in a sign-and-trade. If Pierce signs elsewhere, of course, the numbers aren't likely to get much higher. And how would all that affect Kevin Garnett?

Still, if things keep going in the direction they appear to be headed, the Nets will once again have a $100 million payroll, essentially the same as last year's $102 million tally, significant luxury taxes ... and more.