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Joe Johnson of Brooklyn Nets in vanguard of NBA's yoga devotees

Mike Ehrmann

Yoga is big, both among NBA rookies (Jabari Parker) and veterans (Andre Iguodala), but in its profile of the rising popularity of yoga, Joe Johnson is front and center.

Johnson, who turned 33 Sunday, is at this point in his career all about longevity. After a solid regular season (his seventh All-Star selection) and a great run in the players (21.2 points per game in 39.2 minutes), Johnson wants to make sure he's worth the $48 million he's still owed. Something must be working. He missed only three games last season.

Johnson tells SI's Sarah Toland that the most crucial workout he does is not lifting, sprinting, or shooting, but yoga. "It’s better than weight training or anything of that sort," says Johnson. "It’s therapy for my muscles, and my muscles need that more than anything."

For Johnson, who has played pro ball for 12 years, yoga is his time to commune with both his body and his mind. "It’s meditation and therapy for my muscles," he says. "Because the better you treat your body, the more longevity you’ll have."

How very Brooklyn!