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Jason Kidd seeks two more Brooklyn Nets assistants

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After getting Eric Hughes and Sean Sweeney to join him in Milwaukee, Jason Kidd has spoken with the two senior NBA assistants remaining from his Nets staff.

Of course, the final decision about whether to let Welch and Prunty go is likely to Lionel Hollins. He would have the right, under normal circumstances, to choose his own assistants and in fact Peter Vecsey writes he may have his eye on a big name lead assistant.

In Memphis, Hollins relied on Henry Bibby, the ex-Knick who's now on the Pistons coaching staff.

If Welch, who long served as offensive coordinator for George Karl, and Prunty, who's been an assistant in several NBA locales, do leave, the Nets would still be on the hook for another two years with Jim Sann and Roy Rogers. And of course, what to do with Lawrence Frank.  His defensive mindset might appeal to Hollins, but would Frank take anything other than the lead assistant's role.