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Brooklyn Nets coaching staff in Las Vegas getting a look at Mason Plumlee

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets have yet to officially announce Lionel Hollins coaching staff but the head coach has identified all but two of his assistants. On Monday, Hollins was in Las Vegas for the Team USA practices where was joined by the men who will be his lead assistant, former head coach Paul Westphal, offensive guru John Welch and new big man coach, Joe Wolf.

A lot of NBA executives flock to Vegas this time of year, but presence of Wolf suggests that one of their main missions was to watch the progress of Mason Plumlee, who as a member of the USA Select Team is practicing against Team USA.

Plumlee rewarded them, us and anyone with an internet account with one of those moves that have people muttering, "I didn't know he could do THAT."  Judge for yourself, from this Instagram video, of whether Plumlee would like to fill one of those power forward slots left open by the loss of Blake Griffin, Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge.  That was Anthony  Davis he embarrassed and posterized.

Meanwhile, Westphal told Kings beat reporter Ailene Voisin how happy he was the team stayed in Sacramento. He was let go in 2012 and as coach the year before was in tears when he addressed the announced sellout crowd after the 2010-11 season finale against the Lakers, when it looked like the Maloofs were about move the team to Anaheim.