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We help Jarrett Jack pick a number

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Jarrett Jack is confused. He doesn't know what uniform number to choose

He's always worn no. 1 or no. 2 in his NBA career. The former is taken by Mason Plumlee, the latter by Kevin Garnett. Combinations are worn by Brook Lopez (11), Marquis Teague (12), Cory Jefferson (21) and Markel Brown (22).

Nos. 3 and 4 are retired, for Drazen Petrovic and Wendell Ladner.  So what's a combo guard to do?

Here's our suggestion: No. 19.  It's only been worn once in Nets history, by All-Star Scott McKnight in the movie "Just Wright," starring Queen Latifah and Common as McKnight (and Tim Walsh as himself). Worn by an All-Star, made famous by a movie! Who could ask for anything more?!!