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Lionel Hollins likes Brooklyn Nets revenue model as well as the players

Kevin C. Cox

Lionel Hollins spoke recently to Yahoo! Sports Radio about the Nets and why he took the head coaching job. When asked about what he likes the roster, he changed the subject and talked about what he liked about the franchise, particularly how ownership can afford a championship roster ... over the long term.

"Having come from a small market in Memphis (Ed. note: Memphis is NBA's smallest market), one of the things I was hoping for was to be in a big market to attract and entice free agents, also an owner who has resources and wanted to spend some of those resources to win, but also, in a city that generated revenue which would encourage an owner to spend more money because, you know, when you're in a small market, and you're not generating very much revenue it's difficult to come out of your pocket every year and spend extra money.

"I say about big market teams like a New York, like a Chicago, like a L.A. when you generate the revenue like they do, they're just in turn re-investing money back into their team. When you're in a small market, and you're not generating that level of revenue you'er going into your pocket for anything extra. its difficult for anybody and I totally understand."

It's all part of creating a sustainable culture, he told Travis Rodgers of Yahoo! Sports: "To create a culture where you can compete for a championship every year. The Big Three went to Miami to compete for a championship.

"That's what i want to do here to create a culture that could compete for a championship with the help of ownership and help of Billy King, the general manager, I believe its a real possibility."