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John Schuhmann's Power Rankings: Brooklyn Nets at No. 17

Bruce Bennett

John Schuhmann seems as bored as the rest of us. With free agency wrapping up and only a few roster spots open around the league, he ranks the league's 30 teams from San Antonio at the top to Philadelphia at the bottom and the Nets pretty much in the middle.

Schuhmann's analysis mirrors a lot of what Nets fans are saying: "if healthy..."  Here's his take on Brooklyn who he ranks at No. 17, eighth in the East.

Key question: Will Brook Lopez ever be Brook Lopez again?
The Nets lost two starters in free agency, but the return of Lopez could make up for it. And if Deron Williams has ankles that work and Joe Johnson beats opposing guards up in the post like he did in the postseason, this could still be a very good team. But there are too many ifs to rank them higher than eighth in the East.

Hard to disagree with the analysis although optimists might challenge the ranking.

He has LeBron James' Cavaliers at No. 7, the Heat at No. 14 and the Knicks at No. 21.  In the East, his top four are: the Bulls, Cavaliers, Raptors and Wizards.  His biggest surprise? the Mavericks at No. 4!