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Jarrett Jack, Jameer Nelson, Sebastian Telfair on list for Brooklyn Nets back-up point guard?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Even before Billy King got the official word that Shaun Livingston was leaving Brooklyn, the Nets GM said that he would be looking for a veteran point guard to back up Deron Williams.

"We still need another point guard whether Shaun comes back or not," King told Evan Roberts Tuesday. "If Shaun and Deron are starting, even if you have Teague and Gutierrez, I'd like to get another veteran, maybe not an older veteran but a guy who's been in the league and has a little experience just to have another combination of guards there."

Asked specifically about 32-year-old Jameer Nelson, cut by Orlando Monday, King said, "I'm not sure. I don't know. He's on the list."

So too it seems is Brooklyn native Sebastian Telfair, 29, who played in China last season and quite possibly Jarrett Jack of the Cavaliers, who the Nets made a play for back at the deadline using the package that got them Marcus Thornton. One reason that didn't work is that Jack, 30, has a guaranteed $6.3 million on the books in 2015-16 --and a $500,000 guarantee in 2016-17, when the Nets want maximum flexibility. In fact, management's failure to bring in Jack reportedly angered Kidd, a big fan of his.

Still, as Marc Stein reported last week, there were talks involving Thornton and Jack in recent weeks which Stein expects to be renewed now with Livingston gone to Golden State.

The Cavs, Stein notes, are looking for some cap savings going forward.

How soon might the Nets make a deal or sign Telfair or Nelson? Nothing is imminent. No trades can be made for another week and it's hard to imagine either Telfair or Nelson getting more than the vets' minimum. Those deals are usually among the last offered. The Nets are also likely to sign Markel Brown, their top pick, at some point. He can play both guard spots, but admits his ball-handling needs work.

Beyond the point guard discussions, the Nets as well as the Knicks and others are reportedly interested in free agent Trevor Booker. The Wizards dumped him but want him back and can offer him more money.