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Markel Brown sees a little bit of Dwyane Wade in his game

In an interview last weekend with Travis Singleton of Sneaker Reporter, Markel Brown talks about how fortunate he is to be drafted by the Nets and how he was "numb" on Draft Night when he finally heard his name called at No. 44.

When asked his favorite players he included Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook on his list. And while two weeks ago, he said his game resembles that of Westbrook, this time he said D-Wade. Heady stuff.

Asked by Singleton whose game he "resembles a little bit," he replied, "More so, of the people I named, I'd probably say D-Wade: Like to get in the paint, finish up at the rim, block shots for a shooting guard, so..."

Talking about his college career he said his biggest thrills were "knocking down powerhouses, Missouri, Kansas, making a statement, man."

Brown, who normally guarded the other team's best player, said his toughest assignment was Andrew Wiggins, who he described as "long, wiry, athletic and always active." Brown didn't say it, but he played well against Wiggins. In their first game, a two-point loss to Kansas, Brown held Wiggins to three points, his lowest of the season. In the second, a big upset by the Cowboys, Wiggins scored 15, but shot only 5-of-16. Brown scored 15 and 21 points in the two games.

His best dunk? This one against Missouri. And because the ref thought he had baited the Tigers for a second time, he was throw out of the game. Brown said he saw the ref in Orlando, but didn't say if they spoke.

As for what Brooklyn fans can expect from him, he told Singleton, "Hard work, competitiveness, never give up attitude. losing or winning, i'm always going to go out there and compete."