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Mason Plumlee: "I want to open up my game"

Stephen Dunn

Mason Plumlee spoke last week with the Charlotte Observer, which covered him while at Duke, talking about how he's looking forward to taking on a more offensive role. From the interview, published Monday, It's sounding more and more like he wants to play both big positions.

"All week, I’ve been looking to score – not force anything, let the game come to me but to be aggressive in my spots, I’m ready when I’m open. That’s something that’s going to be there, and it’s going to open up my game."

Plumlee, who Jason Kidd restricted to shots inside five feet, has been working on his jump shot at the PNY Center in East Rutherford, showing a willingness in Orlando to step outside and hit mid-range jumpers as well as dominating with his athleticism inside.

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Rod Boone, who described Plumlee as the Nets' "power forward" last week, quoted him this way...

"You'd laugh if you watched our high school team play I hit a couple of threes every game in high school. It was a big part [of my game]. We played like VMI. It was just run and gun, shoot it. You go back and look my high school. But things change.

At Duke, the needs were different, so he focused on rebounding, he added. Now, with Brook Lopez back, Kevin Garnett a better fit at the five than the four, and Paul Pierce, last year's starting power forward, in Washington, the needs are different once again.

So far, so good. In his three games in Orlando, Plumlee hit 18 of 24 shots (75 percent), just ahead of Cory Jefferson, who shot 70 percent.  He understands that he's unlikely to be a top option, telling Greg Auman of the Observer, "We’ve got some $20-million men on the team."