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Brook Lopez progressing in rehab, now doing "court work"

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Lionel Hollins was asked Thursday night about Brook Lopez' status.  He's in Orlando working out, but not practicing, with the Nets summer league team. Rick Kamla of NBA TV asked specifically if the Nets veteran seven-footer "could play today.," seven months after his foot surgery.

Hollins responded with a bit of a smile..

"Obviously, he can't play today. He's healthy. He's not having any pain. He's going through rehab and there's a process to that. He should be ready for training camp and we'll go from there. And the same way with Deron Williams."

Then Saturday morning, Chris Haynes of Comcast Sports Net in Portland, who's had some NBA news breaks lately, tweeeted out...

A league source confirmed the essence of Haynes' report, saying Lopez is doing court  work, noting that's part of the rehab plan going forward. The Nets announced Lopez was working out in Orlando weeks ago, and that his rehab is progressing.  In talking to NBA TV, Hollins was only a bit more circumspect.

"He should be ready for training camp. And that's all you can ask and we'll see where they are at that point. But no, he (laughs) couldn't play in a game today."

Training camp begins October 1.